Facebook advertising helps businesses stay in touch with their customers and provides great opportunities to meet new ones.

According to the August 2013 Nielsen Online Campaigns Rating (OCR), the average online reach is 38%. With Facebook, however, the reach for narrowly targeted campaigns is 89%. With its tools for businesses, you can set your budget and create ads to reach the right people.

Facebook ads are quite unique in that they are shown to specific groups of people on desktop and mobile. With creative and well-targeted ads, you’ll get more likes, shares, and comments. Whenever a person takes any of these actions, their Facebook friends may see your ad, which makes it even more powerful. And when you boost your Page posts and expand your audience for your ads, more and more Facebook users will see them.

Facebook has become a powerful platform for creating ads that achieve real results, whether it’s connecting with more people through your Page, finding the right people for your app, or driving sales on your website or shop.

Last year, Facebook had a major facelift in its structure of advertising campaigns, leading to significant improvements that greatly benefit marketers. The roll-out impacts the self-serve ad tool, Ads Manager, Power Editor, and third-party interfaces.

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably interested in driving more traffic to your website and creating new customers with the help of Facebook. Well, you should, because Facebook is the perfect place to experiment with your ad campaigns without the risky investment of a lot of time and money.

In this training series, you will learn how to use Facebook’s advertising tools and features, and how you can get more customers using Facebook ads.

Setting up a Facebook ad is pretty easy, and I’m here to help you make things easier. With the following courses, you can blast right through roadblocks by taking simple yet effective measures to grow your business.

So cast all your doubts and let’s get started!

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