Vision -> Strategy -> Execution

But in order for you to actually know what to do, so we talked about how focusing on your execution is really important, okay, now, the execution, knowing what to actually do before you even focus on it seems like it’s even more important. Well, the reality is that execution is about vision. So getting things done is about doing the things today that produce the most potential value tomorrow. It’s as simple as that. Therefore, it’s really important that you know what to focus on so that you can actually make sure that what you do today moves your business tomorrow, otherwise, you might find yourself idling or worse, taking a single step forward and two steps back without even knowing, right?

So having a clear idea about what to do next, which by the way is a huge challenge for most entrepreneurs, it really depends on how solid your vision is. So if you’re setting out to build schools in Africa, it’s because you’re in yourself has come up with an internal vision of how the future should be in Africa, right? And you want to give in to that and you want to participate into that.

When you come up with a new game or app idea, it’s because your brain how allowed itself to travel to the future, has seen this app, played this app and become just excited at the prospect of it existing today. This is what having a vision is all about and you simply cannot become aware of what to do next for your business if you do not have a clear picture of what you want your business to accomplish and the reality and something that I’ve learned overtime is that there is no point in asking people how to go about executing your business, there’s no point because they don’t have the level of insight on your category that you do. So it’s best to have an idea about what you want to accomplish and then using your own brain to come up with the steps to making it happen and then focusing when you’re making it happen to make sure that what you’re doing makes sense so that when you’ve done it, the maximum potential will have been gained.

Once you’re satisfied with your vision, it’s time to distill that grand idea and figure out what actually needs to happen for that vision to be fulfilled. If you’re building a new online course, what steps do your need to go through in order for that course to exist and to be selling, right? What needs to be done for the vision of this course to be fulfilled? Now vision is a little bit more like a little bit deeper than just revenue, right? So you go out out there every morning and you work on generating a revenue but the vision of your company supersedes that, right? Spoil, it’s mission, it’s vision is to deliver happiness, right? Your BuildPath, the vision for BuildPath is to allow entrepreneurs to see the path to building a good career as an entrepreneur. So that is our vision. So once we are aware of what we want our business to accomplish that is the moment where you can actually sit down and put together a To Do list if you want to, right? So what I end up doing in most situations like this because this is really the moment when you get an idea, right? The idea spark when it just comes up, that’s a visionary moment.

So once you get a visionary moment, you might want to you know, for example just boot up PowerPoint or a Keynote and just put everything down, right? So how do you acquire users? What is this company about? What is it doing? What is its vision? How are you going to acquire users? How are you going to retain users? How are users going to refer to each other? How are you going to be looking in a year from now? All of these things start coming up in your head the more excited you are about that vision and the reality is that once you have a little bit of information to get started, you can go right into strategy, right? So your vision will allow you to create a strategy and your strategy will allow you to execute and your focus will allow you to execute better. So that’s really all there is to know about vision.

Now vision, really, like I said is about strategy. So once you have an idea of what your vision is it’s time to actually build the framework for getting those things done. So it’s about breaking up your steps into blocks or deliverables that need to be delivered and each block stands on its own, right? I need to get a supplier. It’s on its own. I need to build a website. That’s on its own. Some blocks cannot exist until other blocks exist. So for example, you cannot be taking orders if your website isn’t up. So getting your hands dirty and figuring out how each deliverable fits puts you in a position where you simply need to figure out the order at which each deliverable should be completed first and that’s where you need to be focusing and that’s how you’ll be able to maximize how well you execute your strategy and executing your strategy will move the needle forward in making your vision happen.

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