How To Write Effective Post Titles

We all strive to create high-impact, attention-grabbing headlines that result in full reads, improved conversions, and social sharing. Without a compelling headline that converts visitors into readers, the rest of your content may as well not exist! With that said, writing effective post titles is a critical skill.

In this course, you’re going to learn how to write effective post titles.

So why is this important?

First of all, the first thing your site visitors will see once they land on your website are your post titles. It goes without saying that your post titles can make or break that desire for your visitors to click your blog post or page.


Congruency is very important. The blog title should describe what your post is all about. It must be the bridge to your blog body. What this means is that, whatever title you use, the blog body must be able to fulfil that title. This way, your visitor can eventually take some form of action.

Promises versus Negative Titles

“Promise” titles generally work in more positive realms.

One example of a promise title is “How to Effectively ________ To Gain _________” (i.e. How to Effectively Build a WordPress Site to Gain More Conversions).

On the other hand, “negative” titles tend to do a lot better, especially when somebody is facing a problem, wants to avoid something, or does not want to lose something.

An example of a negative title is “[Number] Mistakes that _________ Will Make and How to Avoid Them” (i.e. 5 Mistakes That a WordPress Site Owner Will Make When Doing [This] and How to Avoid Them).

Both promises and negative titles are good and effective titles but statistically, the negative titles tend to work a lot better. This, however, depends on your audience so you need to know who you are targeting. For example, if your target audience leans more towards the positive realm, they may not like you using negative titles. So once you know your target audience, you need to do split-testing, experiment with different titles, and see which one works best for you.


Before I end this course, let me talk about an amazing piece of software called AdvantageBot. It has a massive built-in database containing hundreds of thousands of profitable and unprofitable ads. Basically, this easy-to-use software lets you score your own text against its database for maximum results and profitability.

With AdvantageBot, all you need to do is to enter your blog title or headline into the software. AdvantageBot will then analyze the title and compare it with the data they have, telling you whether or not your title is good.

You could test multiple titles and see which one measures up against each other. You can then use the title with the highest score.

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