Add Your First Revenue

Always track how much each website is earning for you. See how in this video.

Alright, now let’s go ahead and add your first revenue for this example site.  Over on the right side, click on New Revenue and the month will default to the last month.  So it’s November right now and so it’s defaulting to October because it assumes that you are not likely to enter a revenue for a month before it’s finished, so anyway, let’s say I’m entering revenues for October right now but you can change it to any month, year you want, there’s been a nice date picker here.  So let’s enter 5,492, 98, I like that more.  The company is going to be Cool Company that we entered in the first video and since I was viewing the PiwikForum website and that’s in the Mortgage Loans Network, these things are auto selected.  Alright, so go ahead and click Save Changes and now we got that in our Revenue table.

So let’s pretend you’re at the Overview for your site.  If you want to look at your revenues that you added, you can go Finances tab and then click on Revenue, alright?  So we can see what we’ve added here, $5498 for the month of October, paid by Cool Company to you and it was added on the 23rd of November but the period it was for is October 2013, okay?

So let’s go back to the Overview now and we can see now that in October, we got that spike to 5498.  This kind of makes me want to add some more, going back just so you can have a nice-looking chart in this video.  So let’s change it into September and put 6980 and that’s from Cool Company and everything else is the same, Save Changes.  Let’s add another one for August.  I’ll put 3500 from Cool Company and we’ve add it.  Let’s add another expense.  Let’s say Bigass Link Building Package.  Let’s say we bought that on October 11th, okay, and that cost was 798 and the status is live because it started.  I only put pending if something didn’t go into effect or start yet.  And the provider, let’s add a new provider, Best LinkBuilder, yeah, alright and let’s save changes.

Alright, now let’s go ahead and go back to the overview.  So now the chart is coming together.  We can see in October, we had a $798 expense and our revenue was $5498 so that means we had $4700 profit in October and so far in the past six months according to this chart, we’ve had 1291% ROI, Return On Investment.  We’ve had $15,978 of revenue and $1,148 in expense, so that’s leaves us with a profit of $14,830.  And let’s see, oh yeah, keywords, I got to show you that later, search keywords and rank tracking and stuff.

Well, that’s it for the finance stuff and adding expenses and revenue and all that.  I’ll see you in the next video.  Thanks for watching.

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