Adding and Managing Employees

Get your employees, contract workers and virtual assistants on board SEHabitat with employee accounts.

Set permissions so your employees can only see and use the exact features you want.

Save time by letting your virtual assistant manage backlinks, for example.

Alright, now let’s talk about how to add employees and manage them.  This is something really cool about SEHabitat because your outsourced employees can do things for you like adding backlinks and all that stuff.  So I went to Settings and then Employees and now we’re here, so I’m going to go ahead and add an employee.

Let’s pretend I work for you, Ian Mason, [email protected] is the email and I will go ahead and put this person as enable.  And in the Permissions area, this is where you decide what this person can do.  So let’s add our first permission.  What can the user manage?  Let’s say that you want Ian Mason to be able to log in to SEHabitat and manage backlinks for you, okay.  Let’s say he does link building for you and you wanted to add those in there.  So web link, this will probably be called backlinks soon but in some places in the app it’s still referred to as web link, got to fix that.

And for network or website, Regular network, that’s just a name we use as oppose to a client because there’s network and regular network.  It’s kind of complicated to explain, maybe it will change in the future but just for now just so you know, regular network in this case means a network.  And let’s see, but I’m going to change that to website, alright, and we also like Piwik Forum, and what can they do?  Can they create, yes, update web links or backlinks and delete backlinks.

If you know your worker is smart and trustworthy then you can leave all these checked.  If you’re bringing out somebody new and you got a bunch of links in there and you’re worried he might do something stupid and actually, let me delete one, then you can just uncheck that and he won’t be able to delete anything for example.  Just leave this how it is, alright, Create Employee.  And now we can see he’s in there and it says Pending right here because I need to go in this email and click a link and then it will confirm me and add me in there.

Let’s see, what else, well that’s pretty much all I want to show you in this video.  If you’re adding somebody and once they do this, confirm and everything, it will logged them in to their own kind of employee SEHabitat account and they will restricted from seeing all your stuff like your revenue, expense and profit and other things.  They won’t be able to see all the sensitive information, they will only be able to see what you gave them access to which is kind of cool so you know they will only see certain websites or certain other stuff like links and whatever, just whatever you gave them access to, to what point.

So if you have any questions about adding employees to SEHabitat and how they can work in your account and stuff then let me know.  I hope this video was helpful.  Alright, I’ll see you in the next one.  Thanks.

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