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Backlinks are an essential part of SEO. You can get them for free by having great content, or you can pay for them through various ways.

The reality is… without backlinks, you’ll never create a significant income from your websites, because your websites need backlinks to gain high rankings in Google/Bing and attract lots of visitors who will buy.

When you’re building an empire of moneymaking websites, managing and keeping track of all your link building efforts can get tedious and take much of your time.

This was a challenge I faced for years, and it stood in my way, preventing me from growing my business.

I founded SEHabitat first to help me track expense, revenue and profit margin – then I added backlink tracking so that I could stay on top of my link deals, and get notified if a link seller changes anything about my link, and more.

Finally, you can now have subaccounts for your employees/assistants, so they can manage your backlinks for you, for example.

Okay, now let’s talk about adding links in SEHabitat and manage them.  So on the right side again, this is where you’re always adding stuff, click New Link, alright.  And we’re going to make this link from an example page just for this that I just setup,  So let’s see, that’s where we’re getting the link from and it’s pointing to  The Anchor Text is Piwik Forums and Type of Link is Contextual because it’s in text content and this is for the Piwik Forums site and the Mortgage Loans Network, these are auto selected because I was viewing that already.  Status is Live, Publisher, let’s say you negotiated that with Ian Mason because it’s on, Ian Mason, [email protected], Paypal, you put my Paypal email in there if you were paying me money for this link, okay?  And it doesn’t mean that you automatically pay me money if you put that in there, it’s just like helpful, it’s like it stores my Paypal email in case you need to look it up when you’re going to pay me if the payment isn’t an automatic subscription.

So let’s say this is, usually in here I would paste the subscription ID from Paypal unless I was too lazy like I am a lot of time, but yeah, my assistant does it.  Anyway, so let’s say we pay $29, no, $17 and just for learning purposes let’s say we actually bought this link in September on 12th, alright.  And let’s say it’s $17 a month link and Generate expense history, that means that it’s going to back date the expenses, so it will catch you up in terms of managing, they’re tracking that expense in your finances.  So I’ll show you what I mean later in a minute.

So basically that means we’ve been paying $17 a month since September 12, it’s November now so it’s going to generate months of expenses.  And we also want it to automatically generate expenses in the future, alright.  I suppose the labeling of this could be better, it should say Automatically generate future expenses and this one is okay, Generate expense history, but I’ll put some like tool tip thing that pops up that explains it better pretty soon.  So anyway, I selected 1 month but you can do 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, permanent or none.  Alright, so maybe in Notes I’ll put monthly payment but it’s manual not an automatic paypal subscription so don’t forget to pay attention to your SEHabitat link payment email reminders.

Alright, well that’s interesting.  I’m in Safari right now and so apparently that’s what these look like on Safari.  Sorry about that, I’ll have that fixed as soon as possible.  I usually don’t use a MacBook, so I’m usually on my PC so I use Firefox or Chrome and it looks totally fine in both of those browsers but in Safari, this is a little bit weird, so I’ll get that fixed very soon.

Anyway, we can see this link has been added and this is pretty much the most important part.  You can see the status of the link is live and if the link was removed by, well you bought it from Ian Mason, so let’s say Ian Mason removed the link after you bought it, that’s not cool, this would turn red.  You set the status as Live because you believe it’s suppose to be live but if it does not detected anymore at some point, this green box right here, it will turn red to let you know and this little green dot next to it, that means good, it means the link is DoFollow.  Sometimes people can be a little bit sneaky and they might change your link to a NoFollow link which means they’re saying hey, I don’t want to pass any kind of like value, like link value to this website, this is just an advertisement that something Google implemented a long time ago for that purpose of saying hey, don’t treat this as a real link.  So you don’t want your links to be NoFollow.  Thankfully that’s like 1 in 500 that’s happened to me.  So don’t expect to be like encountering that a lot where somebody will change your link and stuff like that.  I do a lot of deals and it’s almost never happened to me.

It shows when the link was last updated, how much you pay for it and the billing frequency which is every 1 month.  From here you can open the link, see all the information about it and all the related expenses.  We can see that starting on September 12th it created the first link and so that’s $17, $17, $17 and that’s because we checked Generate expense history.  So that’s it.  Now we can see more expense data back here, September, it’s gone up a little bit here and here.

So that’s how you add links and you can see that it will make managing your backlink deals a lot easier.  For example, let’s go ahead and edit this again.  And Status, Pending.  Let’s say you are working on a deal and you paid the guy and you are waiting for him to put the link up or the deal is just like in negotiation stage or whatever, you can set it up to Pending.  It’s checking up right now but yeah, it says Pending because that’s what you said that to.  So let’s switch it back to Live and let me do actually a quick test.

I’m going to go to my PC where I made that example file and I’m going to edit it so the link is missing, okay?  I’m going to upload that now and double check, okay.  Now let’s save changes and see what SEHabitat finds.  This means it’s checking.  Alright, see, we set it to live but it detected hey your link isn’t here.  So this question mark means it doesn’t know, it couldn’t detect any link so it doesn’t know if it’s NoFollow or DoFollow or whatever.

So I’m going to go ahead and re-upload the correct version and let’s edit this, save and it will check it again.  Now it’s live, okay.

Well that sums up dealing with links.  If you have any questions, please post in right below this video or hit me up in the forums, the private forum if you remember there and I’ll see you in the next video.  Thanks for watching.

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