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SEHabitat helps you track how much you spend on each website, whether it’s yours or it’s for a client. I built it so I can easily know which of my efforts are paying off.

Sometimes one website will perform poorly, but another similar site will perform much better with less investment. It’s unpredictable, so I always keep track of my return on investment for each website I run.

Okay, I’m going to show you how to add your first expense to a website in this video.  You see this one already here because I just made this video five minutes ago but ScreenFlow crashed, so anyway I’m remaking it.  I’ll do better this time.  So we already overview for the Piwik Forum website that we created in the previous video and over here in the right side, I’m going to click New Expense.

And let’s say this expense was for Main Website Content (about us, homepage, etc.) okay, and put Content Writing and I’ll select the 12th as the Date and Price, 200 bucks and set it to Live because I post it to my site already or my writer posted it already, and the Provider, I’ll show you how to add a new provider on the fly just for the heck of it.  How about James Provider, everybody is called provider, no, I got to switch it up, James Johnson, wow.  Alright, so that’s how you add a new somebody on the fly.

So what we just filled out here that basically means, I’ll save it real quick, it means we have this new expense for the month of November, Main Website Content (about us page, homepage, etc.).  We paid James Johnson to write it.  The type is Content Writing obviously.  That money was spent on the 12th and it cost $200 and in this billing column, that’s blank because these are expenses that I added myself but when you start working with links, if you enter an amount you pay for it or a monthly amount that you pay for it for example, then SEHabitat will automatically add expenses in here to track that for you and it will note it down what kind of billing you had selected, like monthly, every three months, etc.  So don’t be alarmed that when you enter an expense like this like content writing or design work or whatever, there’s no way to enter a billing thing because usually these are not monthly fees.

So anyway, in the next video, I’m going to show you how to add revenue, alright.

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