Setting a Budget


Setting the budget can be quite tricky especially if you’re new to using Linkedin’s paid ads. Here’s what you can do so you can manage your budget effectively.

  1. Divide your overall monthly budget for your Linkedin paid ads by 30.4. The result will be the daily budget for your campaigns.
  2. Divide your daily budget by the number of campaigns that you’ll be launching and apply it.

If you’ll follow these two tips, you shouldn’t go over your overall monthly budget.

At this point, you’ll just have to check out your data and determine which of your campaigns are bringing in good results, and the ones that aren’t. Take your budget from the latter then move them to your good performing campaigns.

By using this strategy, you should be able to optimize your campaigns based on data. Remember, whatever you do, don’t doubt the numbers. Even if you think one of your ad alternatives “look good”, if the numbers aren’t showing it, then scrap it.

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