Defining Your Target Audience

Defining your target audience plays a crucial role in your ads campaign. While there are several things that can make your campaign a success, your ads’ design, and your audience targeting are two of the things that you really need to do right.

If you’ll look at the “Targeting” page, you’ll notice that everything seems self explanatory. That said, I am confident that you can pretty much work out what you need to enter on each field.

However, I’d like to share with you some tips and techniques that seasoned marketers are  using when running their Linkedin paid ads campaign.

a. Call out your target audience – For example. If your target audience are writers, use “Only For Writers!” as your headline.

This strategy has TONS of benefits to it, a) the wrong people won’t click your ad, therefore you won’t be wasting your budget, b) you’ll get better quality leads, c) It is catchy and it resounds DIRECTLY to your target audience.

Linkedin_Marketing_- Target Audience

b. Bid twice as much as Linkedin’s suggested bid – This strategy has given me great results with my campaigns. If you’ll use this strategy, you’ll end-up outbidding your competitors which would mean that your ads will be on top. You can then start getting more exposure, clicks, or data from your ads and do the necessary tweaks so you can get better results.

c. Target groups – A lot of marketers are getting great results from targeting groups. alone mentions how they’ve gotten additional volume with targeting groups and how from their experience, the group members tend to be more engaging.

d. The more specific you are, the better – Try to niche down as much as you can. The more specific your target audience is, the more you can connect with them. That said, instead of simply just targeting “writers”, you can niche down and target “screenwriters”, “fiction writers”, etc…

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