Creating an Ad

If you’re new to this, it’ll probably take you a couple of minutes to find the part where you can create an ad – at least most of my customers do.

To create an ad, you need to go to the “Business Services” section, click the “Advertise” dropdown, click the “Get started button”, then choose “Create an ad”.

Linkedin_Marketing_- Creating an ad

Linkedin_Marketing_- Creating an ad

Linkedin_Marketing_- Creating an ad

Important points to consider when creating an ad.

a. Photo – Be VERY PICKY about which photo/image you’ll upload. There is more to advertising than simply uploading a photo that looks good.

A good example would be a photo of a woman wearing an eyeglass and showing some skin. Of course, I’m not talking about anything perverted here. By “skin”, I could be referring to a woman wearing a round-neck shirt (so her neck can be seen) vs. someone that’s wearing a turtleneck.

Images that show more skin tend to get better results than those that do not. You’ll also be amazed at how adding an eyeglass to your chosen photo can help improve your conversion.

Here’s a VERY good read from Kissmetrics on how photos can affect your conversion.

Linkedin_Marketing_- Creating an ad

b. Headline – Be specific AND descriptive with your headline. Instead of saying, “Make Money Online”, you can say “Make Money Online Writing” instead. That way the message that your ad conveys becomes clearer to those who sees it.

I mean, think about it, there are several ways people can earn online. You can earn via affiliate marketing, web development, etc…

The more specific you are, the more people can connect.

Note – you are only allowed 25 characters in your headline.

Linkedin_Marketing_- Creating an ad

c. Description – When adding a description, as much as possible, talk about the benefits of your products first, only then should you talk about your product’s features.

This is a proven formula that’s been working quite well for people who are using paid ads/banners.

A lot of business owners are excited about their product so they tend to talk about it’s features rather than the actual benefits. While this may work at times, 90% of the time, the formula where you talk about the benefits first almost always converts better.

Linkedin_Marketing_- Creating an ad

d. Ad destination – It’s almost always ideal for you to create a landing page for your ad destination. If you’ll simply link your ad to your website’s homepage, or worse, your payment page, your results won’t be nearly as good as when you’ll use a landing page.

Why are landing pages so important, you might ask? Well, landing pages – if done right – can help pace your prospect’s feelings and state of mind from simply browsing, to buying your product.

Remember, people don’t log in to Linkedin to look for ads and to click on it. They usually log in because they have something to do. It’s because of this that even if they end-up clicking your ad, the chances are good that they still won’t end-up buying anything because they weren’t originally looking to buy.

If you transition their thoughts and feelings, however, that’s an entirely different story.

Linkedin_Marketing_- Creating an ad

e. Using ad variation – Ad variations can help you with doing split tests to see which of your ads are getting better results. This is a powerful tool that you can use to refine and optimize your ads.

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