Write A Dedicated Post About One Of Your Connections Or Their Blogs

Think about how sports columnists write about how athletes performed in a recent game they played. Or perhaps, how reporters are writing about politicians and their platform to improve the society.

That’s what we’re trying to emulate.

Of course, instead of writing about athletes and politicians, you’ll write about your prospect customers instead. It can be their website, a recent blog post they’ve published, or perhaps a general review about them.

The important thing is that your write-up should be very well written, impartial, and you need to have a very good reason for writing about them. The latter is quite important, simply because you might look creepy if you just flat out write an entire blog post about them without having a solid reason for it.

Your hook can be…

  1. Something very important that you’ve learned from reading about their post.
  2. Sharing your opinion about something they’ve recently done.
  3. A new system or strategy that they’ve shared.
  4. etc…

After writing the post, you need to contact them and tell them about your write-up.

Important point – Don’t just straight-up tell them that you’ve written something about them. Add some context to your outreach email.

For example. You can say something like this…

Hi first name,

I have read your blog post about topic of their blog post. Your strategy about mention the strategy here is quite new to me but it seemed a perfect fit to the campaign I’m running so I used it.

The results we’re amazing!

I wrote a blog post about the critical things that I’ve learned from reading your blog and how I applied it on my marketing campaign.

You can view the post here → Add your article’s url here

I just wanted to share this post with you since you helped me big time.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the post.

Kind regards,

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