Using Linkedin’s Commenting And Tagging Features

This tip, though it’s quite simple – is pretty powerful. As the heading suggests, you only have to comment on a published post, then make sure that you tag your prospect client (he should be the publisher of the post or someone who has commented on the post as well).

If in case you’re a total newbie at Linkedin, all you have to do when tagging someone is to add the “@” sign then write their name after it. As you start writing their name, a dropdown should appear with their Linkedin profile. Simply click their profile.

Here’s how it’s going to look like.

Get More Clients Using Linkedin

There is more to this technique than what meets the eye…

Not many Linkedin users know that if you tag someone in a comment, they will receive a notification about it VIA EMAIL.

That’s one powerful way of getting in someone else’s email without actually emailing them, right?

Here’s how it’s going to look like in your prospect customer’s email if you tag them in a comment.

Get More Clients Using Linkedin

Here’s how it’s going to look if they click the message.

Get More Clients Using Linkedin

Pretty amazing, huh?

At this point, all you have to do is add a comment that’s thought provoking while asking your prospect client an open ended question. As you do that, you need to add something that will incentivise them to reply.

It could be featuring them on a post or something to that effect.

If they’ll reply, then all you need to do is build the relationship from there and strategically pitch your services by asking if there’s an opportunity for the both of you to collaborate (check out the pattern of the email template that I shared on the first marketing tip above).

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