Getting Clients Using The “Keep in Touch” Feature

You’ll love how this strategy is simple yet VERY EFFECTIVE.

Just recently, Linkedin added this nifty feature on their platform.


While the “Keep in Touch Section” has been around for quite some time now, you used to be able to see it under the “Connections” drop down ONLY.


Not anymore.

The “Keep in Touch” section – though seemingly harmless looking – is an amazing tool you can use to get more clients and leads.

Sadly, while a lot of Linkedin users are already using it nowadays, they’re using it ALL WRONG. Because of this, they end up getting nothing in return out of their efforts in using this feature.

So  how exactly do you use this feature to get more clients?

  1. Greet them AND show interest in what they do.
  2. Personalize your message as much as you can.
  3. Ask them for an opportunity to collaborate.
  4. Offer to feature them in one of your posts.
  5. Be brief.
  6. Use Linkedin’s personal messaging feature. Don’t just comment.

If you’ll follow this 6 step formula, your chances of getting noticed AND getting replies will drastically increase.

Allow me to share with you the highly customizable template that I use when connecting with the other users.

Hi first name,

Congratulations on your new job / job anniversary.

Can you tell me about what you do at name of company as the job role? I’d love to learn more about what you do and uncover opportunities for us to possibly collaborate.

Also, I’d love to feature you in an article that I’m currently working on about the “X Ways to …”, would you be interested in participating?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,


Here’s why this marketing method works:

  1. Your message is timely because it is based on an event that they are currently experiencing. This gives you a perfectly valid excuse to contact them making your outreach less intrusive.
  2. You’ll be set apart from the others who simply “liked” or said “congrats” to the user because you’re sending them a personal message.
  3. You’re offering to give them free PR by featuring them on your blog post. This is why having a good number of followers/connections at Linkedin is VERY IMPORTANT.

At this point, they’ll either tell you that they need your service, or they don’t. Whatever it is they’ll say, just remember to nurture your relationship with them. This will make it easier for them to contact you for your services.

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