Get More Clients By Curating Content

Instead of writing an entirely new article from scratch, why not curate content instead?

The benefits to be had from this strategy is amazing!

  1. This strategy is phenomenal when it comes to acquiring new leads/clients.
  2. You won’t have to write the entire article from scratch.
  3. You drastically increase the chances of other users connecting and linking with you.

Alright. So the game plan is to gather multiple posts that are highly relevant to your niche then insert all of these in your article. You just have to write a short intro on each of the posts..

For example. Let’s say you’re planning to publish an article about “My Top 10 Real Estate Article For This Week”. At this point, you just have to scour Linkedin’s posts to look for the best real estate articles that you can find.

You do this by simply typing in “real estate” on Linkedin’s search engine then set the filter to “Posts”.

Linkedin_Marketing - Curate Content

The search results should only show you posts about real estate. You can then browse through the results and pick articles with interesting titles.

Here’s an example.

Linkedin_Marketing_- Curate Content

Of course, you’ll have to read the articles to make sure that they are worth sharing.

If the articles are well written and are of great quality, you can now contact the authors (which should still be within your buyer persona) asking for their permission to include their article on your round-up post.

They will then reply to you with either a “yes” or a “no”. Regardless of what they’ll say, use that as your base point in starting a conversation and building a relationship.

Remember, even if they say no, you shouldn’t be discouraged because your goal is to get more leads/clients – not to share other people’s post. They’re saying “no” to you sharing the post but not you as a person and your services.

If they say “yes”, however, you just have to write a short intro for each article explaining what’s so special or compelling about it.

I suggest that you curate about 15+ articles in one post so you can get more mileage out of it.

Once your article is live with all the curated resources, message/email the authors sharing to them the live link. Don’t forget to ask them to share the post to their community or link to it from their blogs.

It’s important to remember that in every moment you chat or send email messages with the author, you need to be receptive about their needs and be always on the look out for how your services can help them in solving their problem. It’s when you do this that you can pitch your services strategically and win new clients or leads.

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