Do A Round-Up Post Using Your Linkedin Connections

Your prospect client has just logged in to his Linkedin profile, when he checked his inbox, he received a message from someone saying…


“Hi your name,

We’re contacting several industry experts (such as yourself) in the field of your niche so we can get their thoughts on an article we’re working on about the “10 Experts Share Their Thoughts About The State of the your niche Industry this 2015”.

Of course, we’d love to feature you in the post showcasing your expert advice on the matter as well. Would you like to participate in the expert round-up?

We’ll be marketing the post using paid ads to ensure thousands of people view it.

Please get back to me if this is something that interests you.

Kind regards,


He is M-I-N-D-B-L-O-W-N at what he just read! He’s come to the realization that people are starting to view him as an expert in the industry and he is amazed at the thought of it!

At this point, I need you to imagine. What if you were the ones who sent your prospect client that message? How receptive do you think will he be when you start discussing the possibilities of collaborating in the future, pretty receptive huh?

That’s the power of using this technique!

By doing an expert roundup, you’ll have a legitimate reason to contact your network making your contacting them less intrusive. More than  just appearing less intrusive, you’re basically contacting them to tell them that they’re appreciated and recognized as an expert so there’s no reason for them to have ill feelings towards your outreach to them at all!

Critical points to consider when using this strategy

  1. Be genuinely interested about your prospect. Treat him as a real person instead of seeing him only as a prospect.
  2. Take note of his needs so you can pitch your services strategically.
  3. Build a real relationship with them.
  4. When your article goes live, be sure to tell them about it and ask them to share the post to their network.
  5. Whether they’ll need your service or not, be sure to ask for referrals. That way, you can better capitalize on every connection you establish.

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