Contact Users That Recently Published Articles

Get Clients Using Linkedin

When one of your connections publish a new post and you received a notification from Linkedin about it, what do you do with the information? Do you just ignore it? Or do you just click the notification and hit “like”?

I hope you’re doing more than JUST what I mentioned above, that is, if you want to get clients using Linkedin. Otherwise, you’d have missed on a lot of opportunities.

Instead of ignoring or simply just “liking” the post, I need you to comment on their post AND follow up with a personal message if they don’t reply to your comment.

Of course, when commenting, you need to provide as much value as you can. Sharing actionable tips or thought provoking ideas are always a good start.

When / if they reply to  your comment, be sure to send them a personal message instead when replying to their comment AND ask them about what they do.

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