Adding Your Prospect Customer’s Photo and Quote On Your Article + Outreach

Inserting someone else’s link on your article is one thing, adding their photo and quoting them on your post is another. The latter makes it more obvious that you appreciate them and that you’d love to share the spotlight with them.

That’s what this strategy is all about.

So the game plan – as the heading suggests – is for you to feature your prospect customers in your post by quoting them AND adding their photo together with their quote.

Although the idea is pretty simple – let alone the strategy is pretty solid, you’ll be amazed at how others fail to use this strategy.

They simply link to someone else’s work and tell them about it. While doing this definitely has its merits, it’s effects are no where compared to you adding the other person’s photo and enlarging the quote to make it more prominent.

Of course, after you’ve added this element in your article, all you have to do is send an outreach message to the other person and tell them how you appreciate them sharing their ideas on the subject. You’ll then proceed by telling them how you’ve quoted them in your article and asking if there’s anything they’d like to add or if they’re perfectly OK with it.

Note – don’t pitch your services on this first email. Don’t even ask for an opportunity to collaborate with them. Your intent for the first email is to thank them and share the link to your post.

You can do both on the second email depending on how they’ll reply.

At this point, they’ll either tell you that they’re happy with it, or they have other ideas that they’d like to pitch in. Which ever the case is, be sure to build the relationship with them. If need be, offer to do an interview with them since you’re getting TONS of value from the person.

Here’s how my email would look like.

Hi first name,

I followed the advice that you shared about what the advice was about on website where you got the quote from.

The results was amazing!

I thought of sending you this thank you email because of how huge of an impact you made. I also want to tell you that I added your tip on one of my posts.

Here’s the link – add your link here

Is there anything else that you’d like to add though? Or does this work for you?

Kind regards,


If they say that they like what they’re seeing, then you can reply to them inquiring about what it is that they do and if there’s an opportunity for you to collaborate.

Remember. You aren’t here to build links or traffic to your articles. What you’re gunning for is to get new clients and leads. That said, be sure to pitch your services along the way.

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