Unpaid Linkedin Marketing Strategies

In this course, I will mostly share with you the unpaid methods on how to get more clients using Linkedin. I have tried these methods myself (mostly on my client’s profiles) so I know for sure that they flat out work.

I’d like to emphasize though that some of these methods won’t give you immediate results. They are for the long haul and are evergreen in nature. However, I will also be sharing with you some marketing strategies that will give you immediate but short term results.

These are the marketing methods that we will cover.

1) Getting clients using the “Keep in Touch” feature”

2) Using Linkedin’s commenting and tagging features

3) Contact users that recently published articles

4) Add a “Related Posts” section on  your blogs

5) Write a dedicated post about one of your connections or their blogs

6) Getting clients by curating content

7) Do a round-up post using your Linkedin connections

8) Interview your connections

9) Turn your skill endorsers into clients

10) Adding your prospect customer’s photo and their quote on the article + outreach

11) Share your product or giveaways within your posts

Whatever you do, DON’T JUST SKIM THROUGH THE COURSE. No matter how seemingly self explanatory these tips are, I urge you to take the time to CAREFULLY read them and digest the ideas and strategies being shared. It’s important that you do because we will talk about the concept behind the strategy, the actual steps on how to do them, and I will also share with you the email / message templates.

Yes. I’m talking about the actual messages that I’ve been sending that have gotten me high paying clients from Linkedin.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the marketing strategies.

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