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Starting a blog is easy. You can even do it with free hosted options like Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress. However, you’ll get the most control using self-hosted WordPress, which is what most serious bloggers use.

If you’re new to WordPress, here’s a quick guide for you to get started:

  1. Set up your domain name and hosting account. Register your domain name. Once you’re done, you need to set up a hosting account. This is where your blog/website will come to life. It’s a web server where you’ll rent a space to install the WordPress software and manage your site.

  1. [If your web host has automatic WordPress install, you can just use that and then skip steps 3 thru 6.]
  1. If you don’t have automatic WordPress install on your web hosting platform, you need to manually install WordPress by downloading WordPress files from org.

  1. Once you have the WordPress files, extract the files and upload them via FTP client (I recommend FileZilla) to your website’s directory.

  1. With your web host’s control panel (usually, it’s cPanel), locate the database management section, and then create a MySQL Database.

  1. Once you’re done setting things up, visit com and WordPress will start its 5-minute installation process. Simply fill out the form with the requested information.

You’re done!

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