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Content is king in the online world. And for you to get a key to the kingdom, you need a good content plan. Without proper planning and execution, your content will not be able to meet the needs and expectations of your visitors.

Here’s my typical content plan/structure:


A good first impression is important to your website, and you only have one chance to make it. The homepage will determine whether or not a customer should ditch your site for good.

A homepage should include a brief introduction, list of the latest blog posts, and perhaps a large, detailed comparison chart of the most popular products you reviewed.

Product Review Section

Naturally, the product review section should be filled with product reviews related to your niche or industry. Make sure to review as many products as possible to attract more traffic to your website. It doesn’t matter if you sell those products as an affiliate or even if you don’t like them or even if a company stopped producing them. The point here is that you want to have pages with some high-quality content in order to attract more customers, build trust, and for them to check out your other products.

Detail Pages

Create detail pages related to each product or company you review. Viewing these pages will show a list of related items or other important details about a particular product or topic.

Most of my websites are only these three things I’ve talked about. Also, don’t forget to post quality, share-worthy, helpful content and resources to your blog section.

Visual Representation

Here’s a visual representation of my typical website. It’s quite simple, yet it makes me solid income every month!


I’ve been doing this for years, and it works great for me! Using this, you can easily put together a profitable website with a long and successful reign in your chosen niche or industry.

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