Recap (Watch This Especially If You’re Overwhelmed)

So let’s recap what we’ve been talking about for the last hour. Execution potential will depend on your company focus. If you’re not focusing on doing the right things, there’s no way in hell for you to be able to execute those things properly, right? You’re not going to be able to execute well if you don’t know why you’re doing things or how you’re doing it and for who you’re doing it.

Focus will increase your execution because focus is the ingredient that is most important in your business. Focus will allow you to execute on the things that matter most and that will deliver the most value to your company. Execution will allow you to make your strategy come true because once you have a vision for what you want your company to accomplish and you’ve built a strategy to make things happen, your execution actually is the actions and the tactics put into place to making the strategy come to life. But your strategy itself once you’ve done all the things that make your strategy come true, linking all of your strategies together will make your vision come true and your vision will make your goals come true.

The only way for you to know what your goals are and to make sure that what you’re doing actually stands a reasonable chance to create a favorable event for you, you need to reverse engineer your success and be comfortable with a number that you feel you have a chance to hit and that you feel is worth fighting for for the next 5 years, 10 years and reverse engineer all of that end goal and take it into small pieces and try and fit all those pieces into a timeline that spans a couple of years and then see whether everything that you’ve been thinking about actually makes sense within the grand scheme of things and that you actually have a standing chance to hit your goals.

Now success is a map, right? But it’s not linear. You’re not going to get there by doing something that somebody else has done for a business, right? The way that King has gone out and built a multi-million dollar business around their Candy Crush Saga franchise has been anything but linear. They’ve figured out their audience first. They went out and thought about who do we want to talk to in a segment, in a mobile segment that’s suppose to be very profitable and once they’d figured out who they wanted to talk to, they figured out what kind of games do those people want to play.

So it’s not like we’re going to build games and then we’re going to find people to play them and then they’re going to download it. It’s we’re going to find people who like playing games and are profitable in doing so and then we’ll build games based on this and we’ll mold our product to speak to that audience in the right way.

We’ll focus only on that one audience because it’s the audience that is most prone to deliver success for us, but once we’ve been able to dominate that and we’ve secured the market share and our brand is recognized and known for dominating that one category, we’ll be smart in how we decide to expand and conquer the next audience that is not too much of a big leap of faith in terms of how close they are but just a small side step to the right or to the left or up or down so that we can actually continue leveraging all we’ve been able to get up until now and go out and then get the next get. But we’ll be doing that new domination and that expansion will be possible if we have a focus message that we’re capable of communicating in a consistent and simple matter to that focused target.

If we say that King has been building games for women between 29 and 40 who have a particular affinity for social games, then the way that King goes out and communicate the message that they have to that target is extremely important and the way that that target will end up engaging with what they have. Now, the end goal of all of these is that your passion is going to fuel the extreme difficulty that building a company is and the reality, like we said, is that it’s not something that will happen overnight. It’s something that takes years to accomplish but your passion and your vision will be the main determinance for whether this whole thing actually is possible from the get go and how you decide to focus on the things that matter most will determine whether once you’ve done it all was it worth it and have you actually made a big impact to the world.

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