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In this course, you built your first authority website, giving you an automatic edge over competitors in your niche. Then you used my unique SEO strategies to give you the fighting chance you need to #1 make a good living online; and #2: scale up and dominate your niche, turning your side business into the key that unlocks your ideal lifestyle.

Let’s make a deal. I will keep pushing to grow my earnings from my website portfolio – current goal is $150k/month average; and you push HARD to get to your next goal. Let’s promise to not be lazy or procrastinate: Unless we’re on vacation, we should always be making an effort to work smarter and build systems and train people to help us scale our businesses.

So if you’re reading this now, please know that no students can make the excuse that “oh Ian just makes his money from teaching people how to make money” because I walk the walk.

For over 10 years I’ve supported myself with my authority sites alone, sometimes having very hard times. But I got through it by working consistently, and never, ever giving up.

Back in late 2006, during one of my most difficult times of my life, I watched Pursuit Of Happyness. I cried so much because I realized I wasn’t stupid for pushing through it. I was going to make it if I just kept going. I sure am glad I never gave up.

I think it’s time for that Perrier Jouet (my favorite champagne). Here’s to your success!


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