You Must Focus In These 3 Essential Areas

We’ve talked about focus being the most important ingredient for your business and we’ve loosely define what focus is but here’s an example on how important focus is not just why it’s important. Here’s how important it is and the roles it plays in the 3 main components that will drive your progress.

These 3 components eventually will start coming together within the rest of this course and that’s when you’re going to start gaining a bunch of clarity as to what to do. So what I mean by all of these is that focus is not just the one-trick pony right? Focus is really needed everywhere.

So since our success depends on execution, as we’ve said, which by the way includes luck because if you’re doing all the right things that’s equivalent to putting all the chances on your side, right? Because you’re doing the things that has the most potential for gaining success and for that idea, so since you’re doing all the right things, chances are that if somebody were to be lucky, that would be you.

So we know that execution will be the determining factor. How solid my execution is really depends on how sound my strategy is and my strategy in turn only makes sense if my vision adds value to what is currently available.

Now focus plays a capital role in each of these components, right? It’s the most important ingredient because you’re using it in each of those 3 things and those 3 things really are your business. So you need to pay attention to make sure that people want what you’re selling. In other words, if your vision were to be fulfilled, it would need to provide a big improvement on the category that you’re after, right?

So it’s important to focus on which markets to go first to make sure that you’re not wasting your opportunity which by the way would mean that your execution is no longer amazing, it means maybe great, so your vision has to be focused at the right time, right?

So during year 1, your vision is still the same but what you’re focusing on to make that vision continue moving is different from between year 1, year 2, year 3 and so forth, right? So your vision is always the same but what you’re focusing on matters depending on the timing, then the strategy depends on that vision, so depending on what you’re focusing on for that vision, for that timing, you’re going to create a strategy and from that strategy, you’ll execute it and if you execute it properly because you’re focusing on that one thing that matters most which will move your strategy forward which will in turn move your vision forward, then you’ll be profiting with more potential than if you were to not.

Now your strategy has to actually grow the company so you need to focus your efforts on things that actually add value. If we’re talking about Spoil and our vision is to deliver happiness, which by the way still needs to be fine-tuned and focused because that mission doesn’t really provide an understanding of one’s, you know, five years from now, okay, we’re delivering happiness but does that even mean? You know like it’s not a mission, it’s not a mission statement. Vision really normally it’s a mission statement, so you state what you want to accomplish.

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