Course Conclusion

Okay, congratulations! You’ve completed the Content Marketing Tools For Research And Idea Generation Course. Just a quick recap. So we did a quick take on content marketing. We talked about the importance of doing research for content marketing as well as using tools. And then we went ahead and discussed BuzzSumo, Feedly, and Topsy. And then of course, the three bonus tools for content idea generation, title generation.

There are also support files as mentioned in the introduction. There’s an Excel file of a content calendar template. Go ahead and use that. If you’re interested, there’s also another course, specifically talking about creating a content calendar, so go ahead and watch that too.

There’s a PDF, there’s a couple of resources, so one PDF has the list of the hottest content marketing blog articles out there now. And then also, the other PDF has several tools for content marketing moving forward, not only for research but for a lot of things, organizations, stuff like that.

Once again, this is JC from Long Arm Social and Thanks for going through the course. Continue learning and go ahead and use the tools. Just try it out yourself and good luck. Thanks.

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