Bonus Tool – Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent is an idea generator similar in intent to HubSpot, it’s a blog topic generator. And you go to their website by typing in or you can just type in Portent title maker or idea generator.

Alright, quite cool. So it’s simpler done HubSpot, I mean the design of the webpage. And then there are four lines here, that will be filled. But some guidelines for best results, don’t capitalize keywords except proper nouns, use the singular version of your keyword, that’s something that you can edit later on, and speaking of editing, revise the result to create your own fantastic, grammatically correct headline.

Alright, there you go. So you enter your subject here. So we’ve been doing interior design, and there you have it. It fills up the four lines. So How Interior Designs Could Get You Blacklisted, well bad. But here’s a neat trick, a neat feature here, you can refresh. Why Kim Kardashian Will Never Be Good At Interior Designs, maybe not also but you just refresh. You can just keep refreshing until you get something that you can create a content piece on.

So in this case, Why Interior Designs Will Make You Question Everything. By the way, these clouds, these help too. These are suggestions and stuff you can add and stuff you can work into your content. Actually let’s do carpet. So if you just keep on refreshing, it gives you ideas, Why Carpet Ain’t As Good As They Used To Be. So yeah, that’s one. Why Carpets Today Aren’t As Good As They Used To Be, so that’s a topic that you can use to educate your readers for example or especially if you’re selling traditional carpets, traditional oriental rugs for example. This is going to be highly educational.

So we had to do a bit of refreshing there but we got these ideas at least. Warning: You’re Not Losing Money By Not Using Carpets, maybe something for some other subject, but yeah, that’s a good article, that’s catchy and then yeah, just go through the suggestions here.

Let’s do content marketing for you guys who are in the content marketing industry and niche. Five Reasons You Should Be Talking About Content Marketing, that’s good, maybe make it more powerful by changing some words. 12 Least Favorite Content Marketing, so it’s not quite complete but hey, you can do The 12 Least Favorite Content Marketing Ideas Out There According To The Experts, something like that.

So again, the ideas, it gives you some suggestions but you’re suppose to tweak, you’re suppose to revise so it becomes better and it becomes more targeted toward your audience and buyer personas if you’re targeting. Alright, that’s Portent’s Content Idea Generator. We’re going to move on to another free tool and that’s going to be in the next video. See you there.

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