Bonus Tool – Content Forest’s Content Ideator

The content ideator from Content Forest is the third bonus tool for title generation, idea generation. So quite simple, you type in and you get this page. On the left side, Running out of content ideas? We are here to help you. Enter the keyword you want to target and we’ll give you a list of existing headlines using that keyword which you can use as an inspiration for your content piece.

Remember, it’s an inspiration, it’s a suggestion so you’ll have to edit and revise accordingly. And then of course, there’s call to action pitch here but that’s for their main product. Okay, so Generate Content Ideas In 1 Click. There’s a dropdown here. So the search box and the Get Ideas button and the dropdown for 10, 20 or 30 results, alright. So let’s do interior design. You get ideas, and there you have it, that’s 10. So, Interior Design Best Selling Books, so again, if you’re targeting people who are looking to redesign their kitchen, redesign their living room or do a home overhaul, that’s going to be a good content idea. And it can even be a resource PDF or resource infographic. Also something that interior designers will reshare if they see it in Twitter or Facebook or wherever. And then the Benefits of Using 3D Graphic Designs for Business in Interior Design, somewhat more technical but yeah, I know some of my interior design clients are actually going to do well with this kind of topic. The Self-taught architects or Interior Designers, Is Decoration the same as Interior Design. Okay, there you go. So these are producing better results. You can do 30 but you know right here that it only created 14, so you can just go next if you want to see more. So the last one here is how to promote your interior design business. So again, if you’re targeting interior designers or interior design providers, then that’s going to be a good topic for sure.

Let’s do content marketing. It should give you, yeah, it gave us 43 results, 43 ideas. So Content Marketing For Local Business SEO, Epic Content Marketing. So you’ll see right here that this is somewhat smarter than the Portent and HubSpot tools because it doesn’t only mix and match, I mean somehow it added Content Marketing For Local Business SEO, it was smart enough to do that. And then Simple Steps For Beginning a Content Marketing Strategy. So it knows what’s happening around the web and because Content Forest’s main product is providing content, then there you have it. They know what’s needed in creating topics, alright.

Super basic tool but it can go a long way when you’re planning your content calendar. So use it as much as you can while it’s free because I’m not sure how long this is going to be free. I actually just discovered this like three months ago probably. So anyway, that’s it. Thanks. Those are the three bonus tools and let’s just go ahead and conclude the course. So thank you very much.

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