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When you go to you have the search bar. You also have tabs for filtering your search, right. So you have everything, you have links, you have tweets, photos, videos, and influencers.

So this is obviously where you type in your keyword and then here’s the magnifying glass, when you click on that and then it starts to do its thing to give you some search results. Okay, so that’s under Social Search, alright. Now under Social Analytics, if you click this, then you also have a search bar and the advanced search option and then it will give you analytical data right here. So right now it’s showing football and soccer and basketball and some numbers here as well to help you analyze. Of course, that’s something that we’re going to discuss in detail later on in a different video.

Okay, so the next part of navigation is Social Trends. So basically what’s trending, what’s trending online. What have the option to do top 100, top 1000, top 20k, everything, links, tweets, photos, and videos and then also, you can do languages, and then the search bar here as well.

So anyway, if we go back to social search, you have support here but I’m not sure how much support they are giving at this point because again, they got bought by Apple. And then Terms and Conditions, yeah, you go ahead and read that if you need. And then Sign In options, which again, you don’t need but you could and then just a simple button here to change the language.

Alright, that’s it for navigation. Let’s talk about Social Search in detail in the next video.

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