Topsy Introduction

The third and final tool that we’re going to look at in this course Content Marketing Research Tools for idea generation is Topsy, so that’s, you type that into your address bar and you get to this website. Now Topsy basically, I mean it’s right here, searches that analyzes the social web. So what it does is it goes through the whole internet to check tweets and links and photos, videos and influencers, alright.

They are quite proud of their algorithm, I mean it says all tweets since 2006, right. Now this is a free tool. You’ll see Topsy Pro log in here but recently, Apple bought Topsy, I’m not quite sure what direction it will take as of now but while it’s free and while they haven’t pivoted or redeveloped into another thing, then it’s free to use. That’s about, I mean there are three features, so straightforward Social Search and then they have Social Analytics and Social Trends. And you do everything here. You don’t have to log in, don’t really need to do that at this point, although of course, you could right here.

The main tool is right here, but yeah, we’re going to dive into navigation in the next video, so I’ll see you there.

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