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So far in Topsy, we went from Social Search to Social Analytics and now we’re moving on to Social Trends, alright. So basically what’s trending on Twitter and everywhere else in the internet as well as a whole. You have the top 100, top 1000, top 5000 and top 20k. If you don’t search for anything, then it populates everything that’s trending. Remember that the filter options here, top 100, top 1000, top 5k and top 20k are strict filters. So for example, if you type in a topic here, for example interior design, I’m not sure if interior design is in the top 100, so let’s go ahead and see. No results found, so what it’s saying is nothing within interior design is trending in the top 100, but for sure there should be some in the Top 20k if we click here.

Okay, so what’s trending now in interior design first is Jessica Agnesia, her Twitter somehow and she tweeted that like 17 hours ago. Let’s see why it’s trending, I mean right here you’ll see right away why it’s trending because there’s somehow 1.5k conversations around the single tweet. So those are retweets, those are replies.

Now if you click this you’ll go to her profile. And somehow you’ll see why because she has a lot of followers. So that’s why, and then you’ll see that she tweets quite a bit too. It looks like a new Twitter profile but yeah, she has a lot of followers. So there you go.

Next entry here is also her, oh, there you go. So she’s trending because she posted this in so there are a lot of content basically around her. We can say that somehow she owns interior design in the trending Top 20k at this point but that’s for everything. You’ll want to look at tweets here and photos as well. So photos there are two under interior design in the Top 20k. To learn further about those then all you have to do is click and then analyze the website where the pictures are posted. So in this case, you can click on comments actually and that should give you more results. There you go. These are the comments around this photo. This way you can find out where it was posted and whose engaging that particular post, photo post in this case. And then of course, you also have videos but we’re going back to everything.

If you do content marketing, it should be the same thing, it shouldn’t be not much, nothing actually in the Top 100 and maybe nothing in Top 1000, but for sure in Top, yeah, there you go, Top 5k you’ll have some. So we’re doing everything again, so we have one from search engine journal, Jeff is quite popular in content marketing and social media marketing so he’s always right at the top.

So there you go. With Social Trends, you know what’s trending, you know what’s working, you know what’s being shared. But yeah, if you want to do something like cats and you go to, oh, nothing about cats today. Ah, there you go, so cat, yeah, definitely that will trend into Top 100 always, never fails whenever I try searching for it. So there are at least 3 about cats somehow, photos as well, there’s one photo of cats in the Top 100 social trends at this point.

There you go, that’s actually the third feature. Let’s go ahead and conclude Topsy in the next video, so see you there.

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