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Social Analytics within Topsy gives you a lot of data that will help you with your research, with your idea generation. So earlier in the previous video, we did a search for interior design. So from here, from the search results, you can click on View Trends on Topsy Analytics. And it populates, mind you, the term soccer and basketball aren’t active, those are grayed out, so anyway, it auto-populates interior design into the search bar and then it gives you the data right here from August 31st up to September 30th, alright.

It just goes to show how much is being shared per day around interior design. So when you say around interior design or around a certain topic, then it’s been hashtagged or the links that were shared on Twitter have interior design as a keyword and you know, stuff like that. So basically content that’s around the topic of interior design.

So you’ll see, I mean right here it’s more than 15k on the 24th, it seems, September, alright, then it drops on the 25th. But this will give you an idea of how much engagement is happening on Twitter for interior design. So we got to the social analytics option by clicking View Trends on Topsy Analytics from the search results page, right, but you can also go directly by clicking Social Analytics here about, and then it has a default topics like football, soccer and basketball. But if you want to do something else, I mean obviously you’ll want to do something else, right?

So let’s do content marketing, and then let’s just delete the other two here. Okay, so those grayed out when you click on them. And then right here, about content marketing, how many is being shared or tweeted per day over the past 30 days. If you do an advanced search, obviously you’ll have more options, so there you go. But we’re doing a basic search at this point, anyway, this is the data that we got. This will, first of all, tell you what’s working in terms of topics and keywords. So for example, if you type in totally unpopular keywords, then the numbers here will obviously be much lower and you can see that as an opportunity, meaning you can be the leader in that particular keyword, then start creating a strategy or a tactic behind it. So you build engagement within that keyword. So one, yeah, see it as an opportunity or see it as something that doesn’t work. So if you don’t want to be aggressive, if you don’t want to go aggressive on a particular topic that doesn’t actually engage your audience, then don’t, then you see it as something that you don’t want to touch so don’t create content around that.

So that helps your research again and obviously there’s a lot of competition in this example for content marketing but there’s a lot of engagement too because tweets per day pertains to tweets from the publishers as well as retweets, so yeah, there you have it. That’s something that you’d like to consider when planning out the content that you will want to produce. Alright, so that’s the Social Analytics feature in Topsy, let’s talk about Social Trends in the next video.

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