Topsy Conclusion

So that’s Topsy for you. A quick review -it gives you the ability to search Twitter and the rest of the internet. It gives you some analytics, basically just tells you how much is being tweeted about a certain topic, idea, or title or keyword at any given day, well, for the last 60 days.

Then it tells you what’s trending in general and based on keywords. So it helps your research by again, staying on top of your topic, of your industry and with the titles that are being given in the search results, you know what your competitors are using as headlines and what keywords they are using and then how much is being shared as well if you dig deeper by going into the tweets, by viewing the tweets and viewing the links that are being tweeted all around. Also tells you who the influencers are in your industry.

Topsy again, just to conclude this, pretty much like BuzzSumo but mainly for tweets and then BuzzSumo of course gives you the top five, so Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. So much more powerful but for the same of mixing it up and having multiple resources, you know, Topsy is also an option.

Thanks guys. Let’s conclude the whole course. In the next video, well, not in the next video but actually, we have three bonuses for you as I mentioned in the introduction, so let’s go ahead and talk about some title generation tools and then we can conclude the whole course. Alright, thanks guys.

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