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Once you log in and right now we’re logged in via Twitter, you get to your dashboard, super minimalist again, I mean if you unpin this here, it looks like that. You get a search bar and then you get some topic suggestion, and again, topic suggestions but in this case editor’s choice right here below. So again, super simple. If you open the thing here again you have the option to pin so it stays on the side.

And then add content, when you click that, you enter into this page. More about the side panel later because this will be replaced by categories later on once we start adding content. But if you click on this logo right here, your log in logo, then you have the option to organize and import stuff or delete your account. And then of course, there’s some more button here, when you click that you can go to your recently read articles, organize which is this page, and then change your themes, preferences, support, knowledge base, feedback, send feedback.

So Feedly is a computer web software but also, they’re available in iOS and Android and then yeah, there’s also a browser extension and then also again, the option to log out. Now we’re using the free version which, I mean I’ve never really had to purchase the Pro version, but just so you know your options, click upgrade here and what that will do is it will give you their pricing page.

So Feedly Pro, Upgrade your Feedly experience it says, with features designed to help you search, read and share faster. It’s really a low cost software if you want to pay $5 a month to do a lot of things, a lot of research, help you with ideation and you even get a discount if you pay by the year, pay by credit card and Paypal.

Some of the features of Feedly Pro, better searching and then speed boost. I don’t feel that the free version of Feedly is slow, so this is not much of a benefit for me, but yeah, it depends on how big your research. And another feature of Pro here is early access. I’m not sure how aggressive they are with redeveloping or developing further services and products within Feedly, so I don’t know how good the feature that is. But a lot of integrations for sure and this helps a lot of marketers and even just regular folk who want to read off of the Feedly RSS reader. So you can integrate with EverNote, Dropbox, Buffer, OneNote, LinkedIn and others.

And then of course there’s premium Support. Again, it’s a simple software to use so not much support needed. So there, that’s basically, let’s go back here, let’s go back to home. So that’s basically the navigation within Feedly. There will be more buttons here on the left side once we add content and yeah, that’s what we’re going to talk about in the next video. As the first feature of Feedly, we’re going to add categories and start adding content.

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