Feedly Intro and Account Login

The next tool in our content marketing research arsenal is Feedly and you get to the website by typing in Feedly.com on your browser and you get this website. So Feedly is an RSS reader and a user-friendly one at that because all you have to do is search by keyword or website name. You don’t really have to type in the RSS address.

And then on this website it says The information you need to keep ahead and All the sites that matter to you all in one place, because you’re able to customize whatever content is fed your way by Feedly, alright.

So just super minimalist homepage here. If you hover on this left side it gives you an option to add content and to log in. You really won’t want to add content here because you’d want everything saved really. So option is off the bat to log in if you don’t have an account yet.

When you click on the Log in, it will give you several options. So it pops up there but you can also open it in a new tab, makes it easier for you to view it. So you have the option to log in via Google or Facebook and then it has Twitter and Windows MSN or what have you and then Evernote.

Now let’s do Twitter just for this course. So there you go, that quick. Of course you’ll have to be logged in to Twitter in order for that to go through initially because I’ve done this before so it was that quick, but initially it will ask you to authorize the Feedly app and that’s just a single step in between so that should be all good.

And that’s it. Once you log in via Twitter, you’ll get to your dashboard and it should be able to do a lot of stuff here but we’re going to talk about navigation in the next video, so I’ll see you there.

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