Feedly Feature – Reading Content

The next feature in Feedly is reading content. Again, what we’re trying to do is research for ideas and staying on top of topics and the industry that you’d like to monitor basically.

So two ways to read, so let’s go to home here, sorry, if you go to add content. If you do a search, so just content marketing, you can go directly to sites. So let’s try The Shareaholic Content Marketing Blog. If you do that, it feeds you the content that’s been published recently, so September 27, September 10. And then when you click on each, if you’re interested in reading about the recent project release of Shareaholic, you click that. And you’re able to read it.

Now if you click the title, it opens up the actual website with the content. Let’s just go ahead and close that. And then some integrations here. You can do a lot of sharing basically or adding to Evernote or even emailing and sharing it on Facebook and stuff like that within Feedly. So that’s a cool, neat feature.

Anyway, so that’s one way of reading, and remember, in the last video, we added some content to our navigation panel here on the left side. So if you want to go to content marketing, actually let’s do interior design website because we added several there. So instead of going directly to just Apartment Therapy of Design Sponge, you can click on the category and then it’s going to display everything within the category, so if you’ve added 20 then it will show you 20. In this case, we have 3. It will show some featured content and then today as well. it will load some additional content there.

On here, when you click on something, it will pull up the reader and then when you click on the title, same thing, it will go to the actual website, you can do a lot of shares. You can also add it to Buffer, Hootsuite share it on LinkedIn, you know, stuff like that.

So again, pretty simple, minimalist and straightforward. Now you’ll notice as well that whenever you search here, let’s go back to content marketing, Feedly offers some suggestions. So for some reason it’s not — oh right, so we go back, we do content marketing and then if you go to something specific like Shareaholic again, on the right side Feedly offers some suggestions. So it say you might also like Convince and Convert, the Grow blog and Heidi Cohen’s website.

So if you’re missing something, there’s just no way to know everything that’s going on in an industry, right? So this neat feature gives you the ability to discover more about your industry and the influencers within that industry. So when you click that, it will show you the page and you can add it to Feedly. Of course, you’re going to have to define where you want it added in terms of the category or the collection. So yeah, there you go. So with this feature of being able to read off of Feedly and not having to Google keyword and stuff and everything is in here, then it makes research a lot easier.

So those are the two features. We’ve talked about adding content and reading content. So the next video where we’re going to conclude Feedly, let’s talk about how exactly it can help with your research and yeah, there you go.

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