Feedly Feature – Adding Content

The first feature of Feedly, it lets you add content… basically adding categories as well as content based on your search terms. So you can see here on the search bar that you’re able to search by title, URL or topic or keywords so you can use a hashtag when searching or not.

So let’s do interior design. It brings up existing topics and then it also suggests some interior design sites based on its own algorithm. So let’s do the topic. And what it does is it populates search results into the screen. And so for example, these first three search results, Apartment Therapy, so off the bat you know that that’s something that you’d like to add to your Feedly, so click the + sign here. It opens up this box on the left side and there you go. It gives you an option to create a collection, so let’s just rename that with capitals.

So Interior Design, you can say blogs or websites and you have the option to update the title. It’s quite long so we just want to know that that’s Apartment Therapy. So take out this whole thing and just leave Apartment Therapy. You have the option to check whether it’s a must read or not. For now let’s leave it uncheck. Then you click on Add. Now when you click on Add, so earlier all it had here was Add Content, so now it created the collection which is your category. And then it has Apartment Therapy under interior design websites. And it shows here that there are 10 that haven’t been read. So when you click that, it will go to Apartment Therapy, it lists what’s been published today and then all the way through.

So you’d like to add more content into the category obviously. So let’s add maybe a couple more. So you have Design Sponge and Fresh Home. So let’s add both. When you click that, there’s already a collection where we want it to be added. Of course you have the option to add it into another collection but let’s go ahead and uncheck that and then check the one here. And then the name and name it whatever you like and then you click Add. So what’s going to happen is it will add under the same collection. And then you add another one, Freshhome.com, you want it under the same collection, rename the title and then you click Add again.

Now just going to show you how to add another — what it looks like if you have multiple collections. So interior design ideas. So click add there and then let’s say we want to name it Design Ideas or Home Design Ideas, and then you click Add, and there you go. You have two collections now. You can just compact it or expand.

That’s basically it but if you want to add more, something not related to interior design, obviously you can do that too, like if we want to do content marketing for example. So you go to that topic, and then let’s go ahead and add CMI. So add it here, create a collection for content marketing, click Add, and there you have it. Alright, so that’s the first feature that we needed to tackle, so adding content. You can add as much as you want per category, per collection, and the idea behind this is you’re always a click away from content, from reading content based on keywords, topics or whatever. And that’s what we’re going to talk about in the next video. The feature within Feedly that gives to the ability to read content for research and for staying on top of industry trends perhaps.

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