Feedly Conclusion

Alright, so how can Feedly research for content marketing titles, ideas, direction and strategy or even tactics? Obviously a lot of it is staring us in the face at this point but let’s go ahead and discuss. The main thing about Feedly is it starts with, when you click on Apartment Therapy, it starts with what’s been published recently and it tells you how many have not read. It gives you suggestions. So the fact that it shows you what’s recent keeps you on top of the goings on in the industry, in the niche, and then it also helps you discover additional influencers and additional blogs and websites within your chosen keyword right here on the right side. That means you know what content is being produced by your competitors as well as influencers. So that’s one good thing that helps your research a lot.

Also, when you click this and you go to the actual website, then you’d have the ability to figure out how that piece of content is doing in terms of readership like for example this one, when you scroll down, right ahead you see that there are 9 comments and this was published today. And then should the website or should the webpage or blog have some social sharing widgets or plug-ins, then you’ll see that within the last 24 hours as this was published, there has been 16 tweets about this.

Alright, so again, it helps you define and know exactly what type of content is working and what type content is being shared by your audience. And then of course for title generation, it’s a good thing because if you’re selling kitchens for example, I mean your audience is not limited to those actually going on Google and looking to websites that sell kitchens. Your target market is actually comprised of a lot of buyer personas, so stay-at-home moms who are looking to year after year improve their home and people like that. So you don’t want to keep writing about how to buy kitchens or the current kitchen design trends or stuff like that, yeah sure, you have to write those too but here in Feedly because you have an overview of what’s being produced and what’s being read, then you’ll have other ideas like even if you’re a kitchen-selling website, you still can write about bedrooms and villas and stuff like that again, based on your research, based on your understanding of what’s being shared, what works for your audience and all those cool things.

Alright, so yeah, that concludes our look into Feedly. Should you need additional information, don’t hesitate to contact BuildPath. You can also contact me and we’re going to do our best to assist further. For now let’s move on to Topsy which is the next tool and then yeah, see you there.

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