BuzzSumo Intro and Account Signup

Okay, so on to our first tool which is BuzzSumo. Alright, you get into tool’s website by going to on your address bar and you see this. What is BuzzSumo exactly? Well, it’s a tool, it’s a content marketing tool that helps you find the most shared content on social media’s big five basically. So that’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. And then once you have the content, it lets you analyze it. You basically see what performs best for any topic or competitor, what performs best in social media. And then also it gives you the option to find key influencers again, based on topic or competitor and these influencers are those who can help you promote your brand or company online.

Okay, so on the homepage, if you scroll down here you’ll see a screenshot of the dashboard. It shows you exactly what you see when you logged in. You’ll see a search bar here, you have search results, how many shares on Facebook, LinkedIn and all the others, and then also the total number of shares here on the right side. Now on the left side, you’ll see a number of filtering options. And then above, of course, the navigation bar, and yeah, we’ll get into detail later after on the next video, but for now, you’ll see also here at the homepage that without having to sign up or without having to log in. It gives you an option to do a search, right? But that’s just so you can try the service without logging in, super limited per day.

So let’s give it a shot. If you type in for example, interior design and you hit go. So it takes you to what you’re supposed to see when you log in. In this case of course, I’ve done several searches earlier today so I’ve reached my daily limit, it says. So you’re just better off really signing up for a free plan which I’d like to show you now.

So we go back to and then here on the upper right side you’ll see Sign up, just click that. And it takes you to their list of plans, right? So you have Free, Pro, Agency, Enterprise and then it lists what’s including in each plan. If you’re trying it out, just go with the free version first, but if you want to try something that has more features, then you can go Pro, Agency, or Enterprise, well, actually just Pro or Agency because they offer a 14 day trial then you only get charged after the trial when you start with the actual plan that you need. So again, it depends on your needs as a company or as a marketing team, but for the sake of this course, we are going to sign up for a free account.

So click on sign up for free here. And so you have this registration form, you type in your email address, type in your password and just confirm the password and click Click to Complete. What it does it sends you a confirmation email and there’s a link in there which you need to click, and that’s it, you have an account.

So next thing to do is to log in. So you go back to, click on Log In here on the upper right side, key in your email address and your password, click on Sign In and it’ll take you to your dashboard. Okay, that’s it. This is where all the magic happens really. Do searches and find influencers, create content alerts and use some reports. And that’s something that we’re going to talk about in the next video so I’ll see you there.

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