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The first feature of BuzzSumo, which helps you with content marketing research and idea creation, is the top content. It gives you the ability to search for the best content in terms of number of shares in social media. And then it also gives you the ability to analyze that content for whatever you’d like to use the data for.

So let’s do a couple of examples. Let’s do interior design. So you typed that in to the search box and then of course again, you have the option to filter. Let’s try actually within the last 24 hours. So let’s do a search there, just type that and again, interior design, okay, click search. So it’s doing its thing and then yeah, so you get this. Of course, searches around the globe so yeah, a lot of shares here.   And this, I’m thinking Chinese or Japanese website but anyway, for English you’ll see interior design versus interior decorating here, Thornbury House by Mesh Design Projects.

By the way, if you want to do something, if you want to do an exact match, then there’s an option to search for it, for the term with quotation marks so you do that here and you click Search, and there you go, mostly with the exact word and the title. It also searches the metadata of each content but that’s something for another course. But yeah, you have these results. Search results here and then number of shares in social media here and then the total number of shares here.

You see that this is doing really good in Facebook. It was published within the last 24 hours and it has received 443 shares on Facebook alone. Now the fact that it’s doing good in Facebook, and this is the analysis part of this feature, you’ll see that there are 443 shares in Facebook but nothing in Pinterest. So that tells you that it’s not a visual article or that they haven’t done any actual Pinterest marketing. So you analyze it there and then you also have the option to analyze a number of shares or view the number of shares as well as some data about the people who shared this article so far. So when you click on that, it will do its thing again and there you go. So it says here that it was shared by @laurenmeredith and then it tells you the page authority, domain authority, number of followers of the person, her retweet ratio, her reply ratio and number of average retweets. And scroll down here and well, that’s it for the number of shares.

So when you go back, you’re able to analyze the number of shares here as well as the number of shares in social media but you also have the option to analyze further by going to the content. So we’re going to go to the publisher’s website which is So when you click on that, it will open a new site, a new page here. So you get to the page and you’ll see off the bat that that’s not a visual post, quite short. Anyway, you can do a lot more analysis here, whatever data you need you can get off of this page. So we go back, same thing. So you have other types of content here. For example, this is a video right here and it has gotten quite a lot of shares in Google+ and some shares here in Facebook. Scroll down, you’ll just get a lot of results really.

Now you got one page of results. If you want more, of course, you need to upgrade. You’ll see some pagination here so you know that there are a number of results. So that’s a lot within the last 24 hours for the term interior design.

Alright, now you’ll see that it’s a mix. Again, there’s a video and there’s an article here. But what if you’re just looking for infographics for example and then you’d like to maybe search the past 6 months? So you have that option here on the left side with the filtering feature and so you do past 6 months and then you uncheck everything except for infographics and then you click on Search.

When you do that, so it goes through the internet looking for articles from the past 6 months that are or have infographics with the keyword interior design. First result is This is the ideal office according to Science and Design Infographics. So that’s an office interior design article from huffingtonpost. Quite a lot of shares, of course we’re talking about the past 6 months here. So 2800 Facebook shares, 4000 in total across all the big five. So when you click on it, so it will open the article which contains the infographic and here it is.

So that’s one result. You will see again that we were given a page full of results and there are two pages from the last two months that specifically have interior design as a keyword and our infographics, alright.

Let’s do another example, something else. Let’s use content marketing. And let’s do videos, alright, like this, like the one we’re doing now. So videos from the past year and let’s add in quotation marks there to be more exact in getting results. I click on Search, and there you have it. So videos of course, they are counting slideshare as a video, 50 content marketing predictions for 2014, 8 video types to add to your content marketing, and then here you go, YouTube has Introducing the LinkedIn content marketing score and trending content, so that’s one from YouTube, and then several other results here, How can content marketing help you pull? So that’s talking about pull marketing against push marketing, and this is from last year, October 8 of 2013 because again, we asked for the past year. So same thing again, all the social media shared data here and then when you click on it, you can analyze further. It’s going to take you to YouTube. You can check out the number of shares in YouTube there, comments and stuff like that for deeper analysis.

So we’ve done a couple of examples, so how does this help you with idea generation? I mean obviously, what it does is it tells you exactly what type of content is working based on the number of social shares that it’s getting. Of course social shares, that number depends on how aggressive the publisher is marketing the content, that’s one, but also a big factor is how well-planned or how good the article is, right? So that helps you. So like in this example, if you’re looking to write something about a content marketing or creative video about content marketing, you know that these types of content, you should produce content along these types right here. You enhance that with your own knowledge of the topic or keyword and then you should be good to go. The number of shares that you will get in social media when you do share it and depending on your overall social media marketing strategy should be along these numbers, should be more actually because these guys probably, there’s a chance that they did not use BuzzSumo when they plan the content.

Anyway, that’s it for the Top Content. The next video we’re going to talk about finding influencers so I’ll see you there.

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