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Another feature of BuzzSumo gives you the ability to search for influencers. Now influencers are the people who are making an impact in certain industries and niches, so if you reach out to them or somehow they share your content, that’s a big difference in promoting your brand, your company or any type of content that you produce, okay?

So same with the Top Content feature, you have the search box here and you have some filtering options and of course, it also mentions here that you can do some advanced search parameters, so when you click that it will list them down, so same with top content. We can just go back here. Let me show you that they have a lot more options here. For example, if you want to search for cats and you’d like to filter out dogs, so any article, any content about cats but not mentioning dogs at all, this is your search operator for it. And there are a lot of other things here so give those a try.

Going back to influencers, search operators are these, so you have the option to search by topic or a name of industry or keyword and then you also have the option to search by user name. So let’s try interior design again without unchecking anything. So we’re going to search for bloggers and branded influencers, companies, journalists and everyone on the internet and we’re not ignoring broadcasters because we want to see just a lot more results. And then let’s do New York, so interior design in New York. Let’s do some specific searches here, click on Search. So it’s doing its thing and there you have it. Oops, it’s not showing some of the pictures. You just need to reload.

Anyway, so these are the influencers. You have Michelle Cardillo, Ashley Sarazen, and it gives you some data about these influencers here. By the way, if you want to filter, you can click that and then it will start with those with the page authority closer to 100 and then go right down to zero page authority, so yeah. These are sorting tools too. On the top would be New York Times and their Home section, so huge page category.

Also, we have the option to follow them here and then view whatever links they’ve shared, alright. So this takes into consideration everything. Notice that when you uncheck, okay, let’s uncheck the others but keep bloggers and influencers and then we do a search, again in New York. So it’s much tighter result here, so it starts with 73 and that’s Lanny Magazine, Rizzoli Publication. So these are listed as bloggers but you also have actual people, so Dagmar is there, Tina is there as well. So than Page Authority, you have Domain Authority, you can see the number of their followers and then their Retweet Ratio which is the percentage of each user’s tweets that are retweets. So their Reply Ratio and Average Retweets. There you go.

If you want to ignore broadcasters, I mean yeah, that’s just going to take into account or take out of the search results those who have a reply ratio of less than 4%, alright. And then so going back to the first page, let’s try searching because interior design, that’s an industry and a topic, but let’s try @hubspot. So if you search using that, same thing really but you will see that these are people who, obviously number would be HubSpot but these are people who have HubSpot listed in their profile description.

Once you’re able to see influencers, then several things that you can do as to further your research and create ideas off of how these people share and stuff like that. You can go to their Twitter and then you can also go to their website if their website is listed on their — actually let’s do interior design again, so I can show you better examples.

Page Authority, let’s check out, see here, check out Laura. Laura, she says she’s passionate about interior design. Oops, actually retweets are protected so maybe not that. Let’s do number of followers. So Yanic, it says TV personality and principal designer at Toronto Interior Design. So let’s visit his page. And then, so new home accessory collection Yanic Simard selected this Fall. So let’s go to his own website. But anyway here, do some analysis. You’ll see what he’s sharing, so you’ll see opportunities as well as ideas here. So that’s one way to analyze and to research further. Now on his website, and again, we’re talking about influencers, so what does he share and maybe how can we perhaps send him a request for partnership or partnership proposal if we’d like him to maybe write for our blog or have him maybe promote some of our content or you know, what exactly would he be happy to reshare basically.

So you’d want obviously to follow the guy and then you want to go through his website and then if he has a blog, then check it out. It doesn’t seem like he has a blog but should he have a blog then — actually he has a press archive here, some news, it seems. But if you want to connect with him, you can do it that way, connect via Twitter and check out the articles that the influencer is publishing as well as sharing and that should help you with overall ideation and research basically so what he shares. Since he’s a top influencer, then what he sharing is probably what you’d also want to share or what you’d also like to produce as a content for your business if your business again is interior design.

And that’s it, I mean for more information about the Influencers feature of BuzzSumo, go to the knowledge base. I’ve also attended a webinar about just specifically Influencers, so you can check out the Join a Webinar option here because they might run that again. And that’s it. Let’s move on to Content Alerts and Reports in the next video.

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