BuzzSumo Feature – Domain Comparison Report

Another report that you can run in BuzzSumo is the Domain Comparison Report. So again, it’s a Pro feature but there are a couple of examples here. You have versus, CNN versus DBC. So let’s do Moz versus HubSpot. And here you have it.

It will take time to produce a report but since I have got it saved here, so it gave us the result right away. So on the left side, HubSpot on the right side. It tells you how many articles were analyzed and then also here on the right side the total number of shares and then the average shares. When you say average, that’s per article analyzed.

Okay, and then deeper analysis of course, with Average Shares By Network, again with the top five, the big five in social media. And then scroll down here, there’s Average Shares by Content Type, so all content lists, how to articles, what posts, why posts and infographics. You’ll see of course that video is an option here in HubSpot but that’s not an option in Moz so it analyzes that way too. You’ll see data related to that as well.

So Total Shares By Date Published. Again, not date but by day. So you’ll see that in the case of Moz, they get more shares on a Wednesday in Twitter but in the case of HubSpot, that’s Monday on Twitter, alright.

So Average Shares By Content Length, and there you have it, yeah, it’s just the data. Somehow, the longer — we know that the longer the content the better but we were thinking before it’s around 750 to 1200 that’s optimal. So again, it depends on the industry and the niche. So these are the numbers for Moz versus HubSpot anyway, and again, that’s data over the last six months but more options if you upgrade to Pro.

And that’s the Domain Comparison Report for you. And that rounds up all the features of BuzzSumo that help us with ideation and as well as competitor and topic research to generate ideas for content marketing. I’ll see you in the next video just to conclude BuzzSumo, thanks.

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