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The next feature is Reports. So let’s do Contact Analysis first. Okay, so first thing you need to know is that it’s a Pro feature. There’s a search box here so if you’re on Pro then you type in a topic, a keyword, interior design for example, but since we’re in Free mode, so we can do content marketing and then click on Search, but here’s an example right here so you can just click on that.

And then okay, this is saved here because I’ve done it before but it will take time, like a few minutes to actually generate the report because they crawl the internet anew each time someone asks for a report, so that’s how they do it. And then it’s for the last six months, always for the last six months. But if you upgrade, then you get more options.

So what data does it give you? I mean a lot of data here you can see, but these are basically data from social media, so they cover again, for content marketing, they cover the average shares by network, covering again the big five. So you’ll see that a lot has been shared via Twitter compared to LinkedIn and Facebook and just a few in Pinterest. So you see, a little question marks here will give you more information about the parts of this report. So it says here that this chart shows where a content typically receives the most shares. Use it to see how many shares a piece of content matching this search will typically get on each network. Alright, so that’s an average.

Also here is Average Shares By Content Type. So all content, How to article for example, infographic, why posts. Let’s view the infographics. So Twitter, that’s 137 of the total 367, Google+ that’s 25 of 367, and then 59 of 367 in Pinterest, and it also shows you 68 of 367 in Facebook, alright.

And then if you scroll down here, Total Shares By Date Published, not date but day published. So you’ll see that somehow based on the day in here, Tuesday is a good day to share because then you get a lot on Twitter and also on LinkedIn and it seems that yeah, it also has the most number of shares in Facebook. So yeah, and that’s for content marketing, obviously for interior design and especially for a topic like things to do on a weekend. You’ll probably see that there will be more shares on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

So scroll down here, so Average Shares By Content Length. So another good thing for content marketing research is how many shares if you write a 750 word article as oppose to writing a 3,000 word article. So yeah, a lot more shares here. But it tends to be more evergreen content the longer the article is. So that could be a reason why these have more shares, of course, it depends on industry and niche. But again, we’re covering the past six months, so not quite evergreen yet but something that was published 6 months ago if it’s really good and apparently if it’s long, then it gets more shares.

And then here’s another part of the report. Most Shared Domains By Network. So the topic content marketing, that’s 185,000 shares. Content Marketing Institute has 172 shares. So yeah, this helps your research because if you want to go to Entrepreneur and search their site for content marketing, then you’ll get a lot of results, you’ll get a lot of high quality content and we’re saying high quality based on the number of shares in social media. Number of shares equals number of views as well, or well not exactly the same but yeah, Carla, edit that out. Anyway, number of shares will mean there are a lot of views also online. And then there’s this one here, it’s pie here, Top Domains on all Networks. So you have these. It’s a visual representation it seems on the left side, but yeah, it’s all good. It’s still data that can help you in looking for one influencers and looking for another top quality content.

Popular topics for content-related to content marketing. So ways to do content marketing, it’s 410 shares, tools more content marketing 455 shares, people who do content marketing or content marketing for marketers or just tips like that, 621. And then on the right side here, Average Shares by Topic on all Networks, and there you go. A visual representation of the one of the left side. You have tabs here so this represents all the networks but you can also do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn specifically.   And there you have it.

Give it a shot, if you’re on Pro, give it a shot and it should be good. Okay, so that’s the Content Analysis Report in BuzzSumo. In the next video, we’re going to do Domain Comparison. Okay.

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