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From the main dashboard here, you click on Content Alerts. If you haven’t setup any alerts yet, then you get this. So content alerts lets you stay on top of any topic, brand, competitor, even track links to your site, have then delivered directly to your inbox at the time you choose integrating with your existing workflow. So easily filter through the noise by setting a share threshold, ideal if you’re tracking a busy topic or popular site. if you want to somehow create a content alert for cats, you don’t want in that’s in a thousands per day. And then if you want to learn more about this, you can click this or go to Resources and go into the Knowledge Base and you’ll find more information here.

But why content alerts? Because as they mention, you want to stay on top of the topic or keyword or whatever that you set an alert on, so that for example, again, we’re doing interior designs, so if you want to know what’s being published every day in interior design, then you setup a content alert and you don’t have to Google every day. BuzzSumo will give you reports daily or whenever you choose of new content and you’ll see off the bat what your competitors are doing and stuff like that.

Let’s go ahead and create a content alert. I’m not actually going to create one but we’re going to go through the form. So it gives you four here. So it can be a keyword or brand alert, a link alert, an author alert, or a domain alert. For the sake of researching content and for generating ideas for our new content, you’re in new content, let’s do a keyword or brand alert and then this is the form. So you have the option to name the alert and you’ll see, actually let me just go back here. When you name the alert, it’s the one that will show here on the left side, just for easy identification.

Going back to the form, type in the alert name, so let’s do interior design and then you like to do interior design as a keyword. So you can have then search the title and topic or search the article text too. So just for this example, we’re not going to do the article text. If you want to do a Digest really, but that’s a Daily Digest so that’s okay. Then specify the time, that’s US Eastern, I believe. So languages, I mean all languages would be good but you can also do English, there’s pure English. And then you can filter it by the number of shares that its gotten. Since you want content that’s current, then no need to specify the number of shares because you can filter that later on or you can sort it later on anyway. And then of course, you type in your email address and then you create the keyword alert. The email address is optional because again, without BuzzSumo emailing you, you can just go in here and then go into content alerts and then view the results here.

Alright, so going back, other than keyword and brand alert, you can do a link alert. It has the same form, almost the same form but link specific options. And then you also have the author alert, so you’re looking for influencers in this case. Fill up a form, same thing. And domain alert which of course, whatever domain. So if you want to get data from competitors, competitor websites then this is how you’re going to do it.

So remember that with the free plan you have like two alerts, so if you need to create more alerts, you can use this or you can use Google alerts, but again, depending on your needs and that’s how you want to move forward with the content alerts in BuzzSumo. Next video, we’re going to talk about reports, so content analysis and domain comparison.

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