Why You Need Research Tools

Okay, so we’re just moments away from starting to learn the three tools that we’re featuring here in this course, content marketing tools for research and idea generation. But it’s important to also well, first of all, talk about why you need to do some content marketing research as well as why you need tools to carry out that research. What are the benefits and how is it going to help you and your business or brand and you’re overall content marketing strategy? So yeah, let’s talk about that now.

Why do you need to research?

Well, in content marketing, if you’re able to dig into trends and what’s happening in your industry, in your niche and then you’re able to whatever data that you get from that and whatever analysis you come up with and you’re able to bring those into your content strategy, then yeah, off the bat you understand your ideal client, you get a better feel of who your client is, who your buyers are, who your prospects are, and you know, yeah.

The next one is you begin to know how your audience makes decision and decisions online really pertain to word of mouth as well as sales for your business and brand. And then also, if you do research and you use that research for strategy and tactics, you gain a deep knowledge of how your audience feels at any given time, at any given point, at any given season in the sales cycle. And then also, because of all these things, you know and fully understand how your audience buys and that’s the ultimately goal really, sales conversions.

Although you learn and you’ve learned in the previous video that content marketing isn’t about just sales but it’s about educating and providing value to the day of your prospective client, but still, knowing how your audience buys will add to your bottom line. And then there’s knowing how to speak to your audience. These tools will show as well as overall research will show just what clicks in content marketing and what clicks is basically whatever is picking, engagement and making your audience do certain actions online.

Alright, so quick review, understand your ideal client, know how your audience makes decisions, know how your audience feels, know how your audience buys and know how to speak to your audience, reasons to do research and take that research data into your overall strategy.

Now, the benefits of using tools for research, off the bat, I mean any tool is suppose to save time. If you’re able to save time here and there in any aspect of your business, then you’re able to translate those savings into focusing on other aspects of your business and require more of your attachment.

Next benefit is tools provides structure for research and generating ideas. So you’re not all over the place. You have a clear structure, you have a clear route to take because the tools are systems in themselves. Research systems in themselves as you will see in the three tools that we’re going to feature in this course.

And then of course, the last benefit that I’m going to talk about is well, tools provide data-driven results. These tools, when you search, an algorithm runs or it runs based on an algorithm that considers a lot of important things like activity in social media and stuff like that. So you’re not left with just you having to think about for example, if you do Google search. It’s a tool in itself but if you research on Google, then you’re left to analyze without much data other than the search results and the thing would be the tools that we’re going to talk about here in this course is they’re all about data and then you just go ahead and analyze it. It also gives you some analytics, so yeah, definitely huge help there.

Alright, so the next video, we’re going to start right off with BuzzSumo. Just go through the videos and remember that in the end, at the end of this course, we have three bonus videos. We’re going to talk about — we’re going to show you three content, generation content idea and content title generation tools and then after that, there are three support files, just go ahead and read those too. That’s one Excel file, that’s a sample of a content calendar which you can use, that’s a template. And then there’s two PDFs, just resource PDFs that will help you moving forward with your content marketing.

So I’ll see you in the next video and thanks.

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