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Welcome  to the BuildPath course on Content Marketing Tools for Research and Idea Generation! I’m JC Sola. I’m with as well as I’ll be your instructor all throughout this course and also several other courses in digital marketing.

So this is just an introductory video so I’ll just talk to you a bit about well, what we will cover and then the next video, we will do a quick take on content marketing. Alright, and then after that, we will talk about the need for tools, why you need tools for research. So yeah, let’s go right to it.

What we’re going to cover in this whole course would be content marketing tools that will help you research what’s working and what’s not working in content marketing for your brand, business or keyword that you’d like to monitor or what have you. So again, those are the three tools.

So the first tool is BuzzSumo which is a content marketing tool that looks at what’s being shared in the big five of social media, so that’s Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, as well as LinkedIn.

The next tool is Feedly which is an RSS reader and it should give you the ability to be on top of what’s happening in terms of content production within your industry or again, whatever keyword you are trying to monitor.

The third one is Topsy, very similar to Buzzsumo only it’s instead of checking the big five, it’s more on Twitter so the algorithm checks more what’s being tweeted but it also looks at the rest of the introwebs for some content.

Anyway, so those are the three tools. Some bonuses for you, we have some three bonus title generator tools that we’re going to talk about after the main tools. So the first one is the HubSpot Blog Topic Generator. The second one is Portent and then the third one is the Content Ideator from Content Forest, so super lightweight tools but yeah, they can do a lot in your content planning and when you’re filling up your content calendar.

So that should be it for this introductory video. Let’s move on to content marketing. Let’s do a quick take on it. What is it exactly and how is it going to help your business. Alright, thanks.

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