What Is An Authority Site?

You’ve probably heard of mini sites and niche sites… maybe even review sites and authority sites.

Guys on affiliate forums who used to sell spam site creation services are switching up their game to sell what they’re calling “authority sites” or “big brand sites” but they’re spreading bs…

Let’s drill down and see what REALLY makes an authority site.

Stick with me here – as you go through this course we talk less about what things are and more about how to make insane amounts of money every month from your sites.

Example #1: Drugs.com


Here’s what makes Drugs.com an authority site…

  • List of prescription drugs A-Z. They have a page for each one, with 800-2000 words of informative content about the drug’s origins, usage instructions, side effects, contraindications, and much more.
  • Helpful online tools like their Interactions Checker which lets you check if your prescription medications could interact in dangerous ways.
  • Frequently updated blog section with new articles every week, ranging from drug approvals news to general health tips.
  • Q&A Section where users can ask questions and get answers from other users.
  • Discussion Forums
  • They actively maintain social profiles on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube
  • They display trust graphics in the footer (bottom) of the site.
  • They have all the boring pages that legit companies have, such as About Us, Contact Us, Frequently Asked Questions, Advertise With Us, Editorial Policy and Site Map.

And here’s what it means to you…

Most of my sites are crap compared to this. So don’t get overwhelmed, ok? ๐Ÿ™‚

Drugs.com is a spectacular example of an authority site.

I’m not setting the bar for you – I’m simply showing you how the big players make ridiculous money online just by providing content. Millions of dollars per month.

I’ve broken down their most important strategies into simple things that any newbie can do, and that’s what I teach you in this course.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though – let’s focus on getting you to that first affiliate commission! ๐Ÿ™‚

Authority sites are just BIG content sites. More content = more money! Click To Tweet

Here’s What’s In It For You…

Do you want a tiny site that probably won’t produce income for more than a few months?

Or do you want a big site that grows every year and becomes a real asset to you?

Go big! The effort is worth it and you have all the guidance/tools you need in my course.

Cash Out For Big $$$

If you want to sell your site later on to an investor, you’ll get a much higher sale price if your site looks like it’s worth something.

Sure, it might make $20k/month because you somehow managed to get great traffic to it for the time being.

But if it doesn’t look the part, a potential buyer will not trust its longevity.

This could be a difference of 1x annual profit vs 3x annual profit as your sale price.

High Income Potential (because of the content)

You can simply make more money with authority sites.

Your site will be filled with content that engages visitors and presells them on whatever products you want them to buy.

Traffic is king.

Once you get the traffic, you can do whatever you want to squeeze maximum profits from it, such as…

  • Retargeting: If someone visits one of your product reviews, you can use a retargeting pixel which will show ads for that product, following that visitor around the web.Example: I read your Excelerol Review page, and I leave.I go to Facebook, and I see an ad for Excelerol, and if I click that ad, it takes me to the official site through your affiliate link, so if I buy, you get a commission, even though I wasn’t even on your site anymore! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Build Your List. Offer freebies that your visitors can get by entering their email address.Then they’re on your email list and you can send them helpful content PLUS promote products as an affiliate, PLUS eventually start selling them your own info products, software products or physical products.

Lastly, your high quality content will make Google look smart when you achieve top rankings.

Google wants to rank quality sites so users are satisfied with the results.

You make Google look smart when you get top rankings for high quality content. They like that. Click To Tweet

Authority sites tend to climb to the top of Google and stay there, giving you passive income for years!

Example #2: eHow.com


eHow may not be world-renowned for the quality of their content.

But they do make ridiculous money, and are worth studying to learn from!

They make their money from selling banner ad space, and they have over 2.1 million pages indexed in Google.

…That’s 2.1 million pages of “how to __________” articles.

Who do you think is gonna make more money?

  • Site A – 10 pages of great content about Excelerol, a mental focus supplement.
  • Site B – 500 pages of good content about Excelerol and all the competing products in the mental focus niche, plus many articles about various topics in the mental focus and nootropic niche/

If you picked site B, you’re definitely right, and in this course, that’s what you’re building.

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