Welcome To Authority Site Blueprint!

In this course, you will learn how to build a portfolio of websites that will generate passive income for years.

Thanks to massive popularity as a content management system, WordPress is the perfect platform to quickly produce useful, well-optimized websites filled with valuable content.

So I’m gonna walk you through setting up a brand new site of your own, just like my sites.

In this course, I reveal everything so you can copy my EXACT business model, strategies and techniques I use every day to build and grow my portfolio of high-earning websites.

You’ll also skip over a bunch of typical roadblocks most people face, thanks to the tips and tricks I share along the way.

Recent Success Story: Matt Reaches $10k/month NOW $15k per month!

If you haven’t already seen Matt’s story, click here to read the full interview covering his biggest challenges, how he overcame them, some personal stuff and more. It’s a very inspiring story! Matt had no help from me other than my original Authority Site Blueprint course which sold for $497, but now you can get it plus ALL other courses on BuildPath for just $37/mo… Not only that, but currently you get your first month for just a dollar! Everything you need to make $15k/month like Matt, for just a $1!

I only very recently added all my done-for-you resources like the Authority Swipe Package, including the Ultimate Authority Pro WordPress Theme, Perfect Product Review, Copy & Paste Rank Booster and more…

Matt didn’t get any of those accelerators, but here’s what happened…


What a rockstar!

My Goal As Your Mentor and Coach

My personal goal is for you to be making at least $10,000/month within 1 year. What would that mean for you?

And most importantly… Do you have what it takes?

My friend, you’re going to have to work really hard like I do, and like my successful students do. I cannot guarantee anyone’s success because it truly is up to you.

Your future is in your hands. I can only give you the tools and help you skip over the mistakes I made over the past 10 years… so you can get it all done faster and cheaper than I ever did.

I really want this to work for you, and I show up every day to give my best effort in everything I do, including being your coach and mentor on BuildPath.

So let’s get rockin’!


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