Why Facebook Ads, and Why Not?

Like any advertising platform, Facebook ads has quirks.

My goal here is to save you from discovering these issues on your own and wasting money as a result.


  • instant traffic, so once you find something profitable, you can generally just turn up your daily budget and multiply your earnings.
  • No other ad platform can let you target your audience as precisely as Facebook.
  • People say it’s only good for selling to consumers, not businesses. But I have experienced great success using Facebook Ads to acquire business customers. It’s all about targeting.


  • If it’s near midnight and your spend is still far from your daily budget, Facebook may suddenly send lower quality traffic to spend enough to hit your daily budget for your ad set.
  • Bidding seasonality can get pretty extreme. The fourth quarter of the year is infamous for bid prices going up 2x even 4x what they are during the rest of the year.
  • Not friendly to affiliate marketers who direct link to crappy offers that provide a bad experience for Facebook users, who of course blame Facebook for the bad experience. Disclaimer: There ARE affiliates doing six figures a DAY in profit on Facebook. Just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean it’s dead or impossible.

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