Ads Manager vs Power Editor

Power Editor is a bulk ads creation and management tool developed by Facebook. This tool is designed with large advertisers in mind, particularly for those who work at scale and require full, precise control over their ad campaigns. Some people might find it hard to get to, but it’s worth it.

Let me show you how Power Editor can help you have more profitable campaigns more quickly versus Ads Manager (which is also another ads management tool from Facebook).

Most of the time, Power Editor gets new features first, some of which are exclusive to Power Editor and are not available on Ads Manager. Some of Power Editor’s main features include:

  • Partner Categories. Partnering with big data companies, Facebook now provides some pretty cool categories which are new ways to create target audiences for your ads.


  • Lookalike Audiences. It’s basically a way for you to use an audience that you’ve already advertised to (and it doesn’t have to be on Facebook), in order to create a “new audience” that is similar to it.


  • “Dark” Posts. A tactic that makes use of and promotes newsfeed-style ads that don’t get published to your page’s newsfeed. In Power Editor, you can do this in one simple step.

Dark post

  • Device Targeting. With Facebook’s pinpoint accuracy for targeting mobile app ads, you can now reach the right people using specific devices, such as the iPhone or iPad. With device targeting, you can choose to advertise only on desktop computers or only on mobile devices. However, you can also drill down to the OS (iOS only, Android only, or both).

Device Target

  • Bulk Editing. Selecting multiple ads and editing them all at once, as well as duplicating stuff.


  • Bulk Import. Import on a spreadsheet.


  • Multiple Conversion Tracking Pixels. Power Editor is ideal for those who require more than one pixel (for various reasons) in order to get leads and to find out if their ads are actually leading to conversions.


With all these said, our main focus is on Power Editor. But we’re barely scratching the surface here so make sure to watch out for more videos that cover Ads Manager and Power Editor.

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