In this quick training series, I guide you step by step on using SEHabitat to manage your SEO campaigns and track your results.

Hey, Ian here and in this quick, little series of training videos, I’m going to teach you exactly how I use SEHabitat.  First, let me tell you a little bit about why I created SEHabitat.  As you know, I’m the founder.  I didn’t created it all myself, I have a team that I’ve built and we work on it all the time and I kind of lead the project.

But this SEHabitat is basically a suite of software tools in the Cloud you could say that I had built to help me run my little empire of moneymaking websites more effectively and using a lot less of my time.  And since we added the Employees feature where you can add sub-accounts, that’s been really great because my employees can log in and work on stuff and I don’t even have to deal with it, so I don’t even go into my account that much anymore.  They do a lot of stuff for me.  I just go and look at the reporting.

Anyway, yeah, in these videos I’m just going to go over the features and show you how to use each one and why you should use it and how it’s going to help you manage and grow and track your sites better.  We got a lot of stuff in here.  It looks kind of overwhelming when you first log in, so I figured I should make this training and make things a little bit easier on you so you don’t have to waste a bunch of time trying to figure this stuff out.

So anyway, please go to the next video and I’ll see you in there.  Let’s get started.

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