Adding A Client

Do you do SEO work for clients? This is for you.

Let’s say your client is John Smith. He owns a couple sites and you do SEO work for both.

Add John Smith as a client in SEHabitat, and then you can add as many of his websites as you want.

Clients are similar to Networks in SEHabitat. They’re like folders that contain websites.

Okay, in the last video I showed you what networks are and how to use them and we added your first network.  So in this video, we’re going to cover clients.  Now a lot of the people who use SEHabitat actually run SEO businesses and they have clients who they do SEO work for.  So it’s important that we have a way of managing that client work and tracking results and stuff in SEHabitat.

So let’s add an example.  I don’t want to do John Smith again so I’ll do John Example, much better, right?  Alright and put any notes in here that you want.  You can change those anytime.  Recipient, let’s say, well I explained this in the network video but just in case I want to put it in here too.  So in this Email Report Monthly section, which really I should say Monthly Email Report but I mean, hey I’ll fix that in a little bit, okay.  So in this section you’re controlling what kind of monthly report the client will receive by email or you can make it send it to your own email address and then you can forward it to the client just so you can be sure and double check it first.  I imagine a lot of people probably do that, but anyway, let’s go ahead and put John Example in there and [email protected] and currently you can choose what components are in the report.  Currently there are only two, Analytics Summary and Daily Visitor Breakdown, both of which are reports that are available in the Report section.  Analytics Summary is probably what you usually want.  This is just showing their traffic and the search keywords and basically showing them the progress that you have given them as their SEO provider.

So anyway, in this example, I’m going to go ahead and just check Analytics Summary and so the client will get a monthly report.  This is because I already made him, oops, yeah, John Examples, fine.  Alright, yeah, that was just because I already made the client and then I forgot that I did that because I redid this video.

So anyway, let’s go to the dashboard, go to Clients.  You can see where I made that other one.  I’m going to go ahead and delete this client.  Alright, so we got John Examples.  You can see we have 0 links for managing for John, we haven’t spent anything, we haven’t added any revenues that John has paid us, and of course, no profit and no ROIs there but I’m just telling you that’s what these numbers are.

So that sums up doing the Clients.  Let me go back to the dashboard real quick again.  So when you’re at the dashboard, you’ll see your whole empire so to speak.  And in this chart, it will only show stuff from your personal stuff, your networks, okay, because it wouldn’t make any sense for it to show like revenue, it wouldn’t make any sense to show stuff from clients I don’t think.  But if you look at a client, you have a chart like this showing your stats for dealing with them of course.  But anyway, you can use these little venues here to go straight to network and so for example, John Examples right there.

And in the next video, I’m going to show you probably how to add a website, okay?  And I’ll see you then, alright.

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